Michelle Giroux is the Director of Educational Services for the Romoland School District in Southern California where she leads curriculum and assessment design, professional development, and English learner programs for the 4,200 students of the Romoland community. She oversees district categorical budgets, assists school sites in writing strategic plans, and coaches school site leaders. She has seventeen years of experience in public education specifically in low-performing schools as a middle school teacher, elementary teacher, ELA/ELD intervention specialist, assistant principal, and principal.

Michelle recently served as the Principal of Harvest Valley Elementary for five years in the Romoland School District where she focused on shared leadership to transform the school by developing three multi-tiered systems of support for student success in academics, attendance, and social-emotional behavior. She improved student outcomes by developing robust systems that ensured educational equity, access, and rigorous learning environments for all students. Michelle strengthened her teacher teams’ clarity of common core standards, their ability to engage in root cause analysis of student learning, the development and implementation of learning continuums, and the igniting of student voice within classrooms by utilizing Impact Teams protocols. Her work with Impact Teams led to a culture shift at the school. Teachers worked as a collective on behalf of students to ensure that students had ownership of their learning and their needs were met.

Michelle Giroux is passionate about creating collaborative student-centered learning cultures by working alongside administrators and teachers. She has presented at state and regional conferences about developing a shared leadership approach to effectively and efficiently implement change initiatives, the importance of a college and career education in the elementary setting, and the incorporation of technology tools to create personalized learning environments.

Michelle lives in Temecula, California with her husband Greg and their two daughters. When she is not working, she is an avid hiker, who loves trying new recipes and planning travel adventures for her family.