At The Core Collaborative, we believe that teachers deserve access to the tools that can help them achieve their goals. Technology has made waves in classrooms all over the world. New apps and programs have taken root in the fundamental ways in which teachers engage with students and bridge new frontiers in learning. There are volumes upon volumes of free apps for professional development circling around the Internet. Many of which make the teaching process easier and more efficient for educators everywhere. Teachers can use these apps for professional development in their classroom to improve the learning experience for all.

1. Educreations

Educreations allows teachers to create how-to guides and interactive instructions, vocalizing and animating their thoughts by creating videos and live presentations. The app records audio and captures video from the images teachers upload or draw. Teachers can create diagrams, tutorials, and demonstrations right from their phone, computer or tablet. Users can share videos in class, via email or social media. Teachers can save their creations and use them again in future lesson plans.

2. GoTasks

GoTasks is a personalized to-do list that follows teachers wherever they go. They can keep track of all the tasks they need to complete with the touch of their finger. Users can organize and prioritize multiple lists at once. The app sends teachers reminders when certain tasks are due. Teachers won’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple lesson plans, assignments and student evaluations. GoTasks syncs up with the other apps teachers use including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Scholar.

3. Edmodo

Teachers can use Edmodo for just about anything. The app keeps the discussion going after class by allowing users to post new information, offer feedback and answer students’ questions. Teachers can also assign work, post and keep track of grades, and share and upload files. Users can also invite parents to join. Parents can stay on top of their child’s assignments and their performance in the classroom.

4. Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards gives students and teachers instant access to the core standards requirements on their iPhone or iPad. Teachers can get a sense of exactly what’s expected of their students in regards to different subjects such as math, science, history and language arts. Educators can simply chose their subject and their grade and they’ll find point-by-point learning objectives for every category. Common Core comes fully equipped with K-12 math and K-12 language arts core standards as provided by the Corresponding College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR’s).

5. ClassDojo

Teachers can manage their classroom like never before with ClassDojo, providing users with more connectivity to students and parents. This app gives teachers the ability to award points to students, provide feedback and keep parents informed about the events at school. Syncing up with their laptop, iPhone or tablet, ClassDojo will send reminders when a permission slip or an assignment is due. If a student is falling behind, teachers can send private messages to alert parents.

Using apps for professional development will unlock a world of new features and tools right on a teacher’s personal device. Teachers can expand their reach and help students achieve their goals by introducing new technology in the classroom.

Do you use any of these great apps in your teaching? Did we miss any of your favorites? When we learn together we make a difference!