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Learner-Centered Instruction

Learner-Centered Instruction

Do your classrooms cultivate clarity, engagement, and efficacy for all learners?

Strengthen learner agency to support students to become more confident, lifelong learners

Engage all learners in inquiry grounded in collaboration, questioning, and discussion

Leverage foundational knowledge and skills to create transfer-level learning experiences

Build and support a toolkit of effective strategies anchored to support surface, deep, and transfer of learning in your content area

What are your ‘learner-centered instruction’ goals?

A simple, doable approach to develop clarity and share it with students.

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Move from teacher-centered to learner-centered classrooms

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Practical strategies and tools for multilingual learners

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Quality, Customized Professional Learning That Works

Our professional learning pathways all have the same goal, to advance learner ownership, efficacy, and agency. We partner with your system to assess your needs and co-construct an action plan anchored in implementation science. We are ready to help and support you at any stage of your learning journey.

Our Approach

Our Learning Progression

Foundational Learning

Build a shared language of learning anchored in co-constructed goals and success criteria aligned to your mission and vision.

Job-Embedded Coaching

Empower educators using the gradual release of responsibility to model, coach, monitor, and analyze progress towards shared goals.

Sustainable Systems

Advance teacher agency to ensure risk-taking, innovation, and collective efficacy through quality implementation.

Clarity for Learning and Impact

Are both teachers and students clear about what must be learned, why students are learning it, and how they can be successful? Are students able to determine their next steps in learning through quality feedback and assessment? Clarity for Learning, by best selling author and assessment expert, Kara Vandas, offers a simple and doable approach to developing clarity and sharing it with students.

Clarity for Learning and Impact

This professional learning series offers five powerful practices that include:

  • Gaining clarity as educators
  • Sharing clarity and advancing student agency
  • Assessing with clarity
  • Feedback with clarity
  • Collaborating with clarity: Impact Teams
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Clarity for Learning: Five Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers

Kara Vandas and John Almarode

Learner-Centered Engagement

Do your teachers need support shifting from teacher-centered to student-centered learning? This series by “questioning guru” Connie Hamilton puts learners at the center by applying evidence-based strategies and protocols to empower reflective learners through active engagement and listening, meaningful discussion, and collaboration. Regardless of the focus of your session, everyone will leave with strategies and tools they can apply in school the next day.

Learner-Centered Questioning

Questions serve as a driving force for learning. Experience and learn to implement strategies for impactful, learner-centered instruction through any of the following professional learning opportunities:

  • Question-Answer-Relationships
  • Question Formulation Technique
  • Socratic Questioning
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Hacking Questions: 11 Answers That Create a Culture of Inquiry in Your Classroom (Hack Learning Series)

Connie Hamilton

Active Listening and Discussion

The person doing the thinking is the person doing the learning. Choose from the offerings below to cultivate a classroom culture in which everyone is learning.

  • Active Listening to Support Discussion
  • Active Engagement Strategies
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Hacking Questions: 11 Answers That Create a Culture of Inquiry in Your Classroom (Hack Learning Series)

Connie Hamilton

Engaging the Mind

Working through and overcoming challenges is an inherent part of learning. Select from the offerings below to ensure students have the support they need to understand and apply complex concepts while developing their understanding of themselves as learners.

  • Scaffolding, Not Spoonfeeding
  • Metacognition: Flipping the Cognitive Load
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Hacking Questions: 11 Answers That Create a Culture of Inquiry in Your Classroom (Hack Learning Series)

Connie Hamilton

Reach and Teach Multilingual Learners

Written and designed by multilingual (ML) learner Rachel Carrillo Fairchild, who later became a classroom teacher and ML expert nationally. Our hands-on learning series offers practical strategies and tools for assessing and teaching the most hard-to-reach learners.

How to Reach and Teach Multilingual Learners

Honor the cultures of our multilingual (ML) learners to accelerate their progress and growth using evidence based practice anchored in culturally responsive-sustaining practices.

  • Understand how humans acquire language
  • Identify language acquisition levels
  • Assessing and giving feedback to ML learners
  • Engaging families of ML learners
  • Making content comprehensible
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How to Reach and Teach English Language Learners: Practical Strategies to Ensure Success

Rachel Carrillo Fairchild


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