During her nearly two decades in education, Loan Mascorro has worked as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal and professional developer. Currently, as a Partner Consultant with The Core Collaborative, she supports much of the work that includes, but is not limited to Impact Teams, Formative Assessment, Student Centered Curriculum Design, English Language Learners and implementation support. Loan is also the co-author of The EmpowerED Learner Toolkit published by Schoolwide Publishing.

Loan provides professional learning support and works with educators at all levels to improve instructional and leadership practices. As a school principal, she saw positive changes and dramatic gains in teaching and learning as a result of implementing the formative assessment process. With her expertise in standards, assessment, instruction, and leadership, she has been successful working with schools and districts in the implementation of the formative assessment process. Her ability to translate research and best practices into applications allows her to work as a long term partner with teachers, leaders and districts to sustain the process through coaching visits. She helps them use the critical practices of monitoring and feedback to get results with a strong focus on ensuring deep implementation of student centered professional learning initiatives.

In addition to supporting The Core Collaborative’s clients, Loan Mascorro is a contributing author to the Lead and Learn Press publication, Standards and Assessment: The Core of Quality Instruction. In addition, she was a Senior Professional Development Associate with The Leadership and Learning Center and in an Author Consultant with Corwin Press.

Away from work, Loan loves spending time with her family in a vibrant community in Los Angeles, CA.