Registration and details are forthcoming.

Ignite Teacher and Learner Agency

Explore and learn to ensure asset-based continuous improvement via Impact Teams (a learner-centered PLC Framework). Observe Students and hear from educators as they empower learner agency through culturally responsive formative assessment.

Self-empowered learners understand who they are as learners, contribute positively to others, and embrace a community of “critical friends” to reach their full potential. Teacher teams do, too!

Tap Into Your Existing PLC Time

Implement Student-Centered Formative Assessment and PLC Team Collaborative Inquiry to scale up PLCs’ understanding and improve student learning.

Success Criteria To be Achieved:

  • Capture tools and resources to refine and enhance collaborative team and classroom structures and practices
  • Discover practical strategies for culturally- responsive formative assessment
  • Elevate team and student success through video observations, simulations, and modeling
  • Engage appreciative inquiry to put focus on your team’s strengths
  • Envision success and create a culture of efficacy
  • Unlock “learning-to-learn” practices so collective actions have an impact

Teams are Recommended!

Bring teachers, site & district leaders, school staff members, counselors, after-school coordinators, and parent organizers.

Registration Includes

Materials, 5 PD Hours; a 45-minute lunch will be provided.

Registration and details are forthcoming.