Sarah Stevens lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children. She is currently the Executive Director of Quality Implementation for The Core Collaborative (TCC), assisting districts across the United States and the TCC team in creating a synergy of systems to empower those who matter most- the students. Sarah is also the co-author of The EmpowerED Learner Toolkit published by Schoolwide Publishing.

In addition to her role at TCC, Sarah Stevens also wears many hats in the school improvement and innovation arena. Some of her proudest partnerships include working as a School Improvement Consultant with an education cooperative, Greenbush, that serves over 135 school districts across the state of Kansas, and assisting schools in professional learning around the formative assessment process through the non-profit organization, Northwest Evaluation Association.

During her career, Sarah served students as an elementary teacher, media specialist, teaching and learning coach, and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology and was instrumental in the Joplin School District being named 1 of 8 Future Ready School Districts from the U.S. Office of Educational Technology. She has also taught graduate students at a local university as an adjunct professor for the Teaching and Leading Department.

Sarah’s passion is in system thinking and partnering with adults to create a connected environment where students needs come first and learning together makes an impact.