Nidhi Rehman is a former-auditor currently serving in her 7th year as an elementary school educator in Fort Bend ISD in Texas. She piloted Impact Teams at her campus two years ago and has led district professional developments on the Evidence Analysis Action (EAA) Protocol and the Formative Assessment Process. She founded two grade levels at KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary in Massachusetts, allowing her to design and implement her own curriculum, and familiarizing her with both Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Common Core Standards.

Nidhi’s audit background has aided her in creating data-driven strategies targeted to differentiate for her learners. She is currently the Math Professional Learning Lead for her campus, Team Lead, and TAPP Mentor to a first-year teacher. In this role, she has facilitated microteaching protocols, coaching cycles, feedback protocols, co-constructing success criteria practices and learning walks from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

In her free time, Nidhi Rehman coaches The Eagle Dance Crew at her campus and is editor-in-chief of The Eagle Eye Observer, a student-led newspaper. Nidhi grew up in different parts of the world, including Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Melbourne, Australia and Houston, Texas, which is why traveling is a one of her favorite hobbies.