Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Two students from PS 5 The Huguenot School in Staten Island, NY spend time reviewing their own and each other’s work using a continuum for the standard on main idea.

Watch as the two girls give specific examples on what they have done and how they show it.

They use specific language from the continuum to discuss progress and understanding.

Each student is able to point to specific spots in their own work to provide evidence of their learning using continuum. The conversation shows a rich understanding of main idea. They discuss how they debate about why the main idea is strong or not.

How did this teacher effectively teach students to use the EAA protocol to help them analyze and peer assess? How could you use this protocol in your own classroom to develop more efficacy in your students to take ownership of their own learning?

If you’d like to see more student videos using this protocol, check out our YouTube channel.