Stock image of a male yoga instructor with a group of school-aged students.

Did you know practicing mindfulness doesn’t require extensive training, equipment, or tools?

To begin a mindful journey begins with a single breath. Recently, some of the T.C.C. team members have taken the #MindFuelED challenge to become more mindful and present in our every day interactions.
We discovered that when you first sit to begin a mindful meditation you have to clear your mind by sitting ‘and know you are sitting’ and ‘feeling the breath’. However- your mind begins to wonder and you find yourself asking, “Is this even doing anything? Am I even doing it right?” The fact of the matter is mindful breathing takes discipline and lots of practice! We have seen the benefits of beginning this practice in our personal and professional lives.
In this Edutopia blog, “Getting Mindful About Breathing” author John McCarthy explains how to take a moment to focus on your breathing to help manage stress, listen more deeply, and defuse tense classroom situations.
“Practicing deep mindful breathing can help us deal with stressful situations like being stuck in traffic, being late for a difficult meeting with parents or our boss, or facing a challenging class. Studies support approaches to mindful breathing, and taking time for restful breathing can help us maintain the calm needed for clear thinking.”

Learn more techniques and tips with us at MindFuelED this year June 27-28, 2019!

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