Are you eager to bring a culture of learning to your school community?

In this mastery class, join Starr Sackstein to investigate the WHY and HOW to bring deep, standards-based reflection into the classroom. You will learn how to intentionally build the language of growth and reflection into their daily practice to make students more adept at advocating for their learning needs.

Educators can’t teach what they don’t know, so first the class explores how to develop reflective practices in your life as a teacher or leader.


  • Discuss and develop a plan for teacher reflection practices for growth and for modeling
  • Enhance targeted reflection for students throughout the learning process
  • Give students a voice through their reflections to determine future learning

The Core Collaborative offers a master class a month that allows educators to engage with experts in a variety of fields once a month. This month John Krownapple will be presenting on his and Floyd Cobb’s upcoming book Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity: The Keys to Successful Equity Implementation.

You can check out other great master classes on our youtube channel or register for upcoming events on our website.