Collectively, we are on a mission to strengthen learner-centered communities to be more grounded, connected, focused, and authentic. We couldn’t be more excited to share the expansion of our Included Equity pathway for schools and systems.

Cultivating a culture of belonging, relational trust, and efficacy is necessary to strengthen learner agency. Learner agency is grounded in the core belief that all members of a learning community have the ability and the will to positively impact their own lives and the world around them.

Our expanded Included Equity pathway will now include an integrated approach between:

Included Schools and Systems

  • Cultivating a Culture of Belonging, Trust, and Efficacy
  • Enacting Culturally and Responsive Sustaining Education.
  • Embracing Cultural Identity
  • Understanding Cultural Competence
  • Managing the Dynamics of Cultural Differences
  • Engaging Student Voice
  • Supporting Family Engagement
  • Coaching for Equity

Restored and Connected

  • Strategic Planning: Building the Foundation for Connection
  • Grounded and Connected; Leveraging Relational Capacity
  • Building Cultural Responsiveness
  • Strengthening Social and Emotional Learning
  • Exploring the Mindset and Heartset of Restorative Practices

Who should get involved in our Included Equity pathway expansion?

Cultivating a culture of trust, belonging, and efficacy transcends any diversity and equity initiative and is at the root of human connectedness. This transformation requires ALL stakeholders to be seen, heard, and valued. The most effective partnerships include board of education members, community leaders, site and district leaders, educators, support staff, and most importantly, parents and students.

Our Gift of Gratitude

We could not be more grateful to all of you. Thank you for believing in our mission and urging us to expand our groundbreaking equity pathway for schools and systems. Thank you to co-founder, author, and global researcher Dr. Alan Daly, for his ongoing dedication and belief in our mission. Professor Daly’s extensive body of research includes social capital, the analysis of social networks, relational trust, educational policy, and the building of strengths-based systems of support. We would also like to acknowledge and honor Marisol Quevedo Rerucha, Dr. Carolyn Gery, and Dr. Ingrid Twyman for their collective expertise in restorative practices, relational literacy, resiliency, trauma-informed teaching, and culturally responsive-sustaining education. One final heartfelt thank you and appreciation to Trent Hall for his expertise and facilitation skills that have increased our knowledge about conflict management, empathy, Socratic inquiry, and active listening.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. We will be eternally grateful to Dr. Floyd Cobb and John Krownapple for their groundbreaking design of The Dignity Framework for Educational Equity, a framework that focuses on “Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity.” We wish them well as they move into their exciting new chapter of service. We also want to honor the impact of Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billing, john a powell, Dr. Gholdy Muhammed, Dr. Sharroky Hollie, and the countless others who have influenced our collaborative expertise.

Partner with Our Learning Collaborative

To learn more about our reimagined and expanded Included Equity pathway offerings or the Restored and Connected pathway visit our website or connect with Brian Roy or Sarah Stevens.