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Core Collaborative Leadership Cadre

Explore culturally responsive and sustaining formative assessment with educational leaders across the country

Zoom Meeting
Feb 10—Apr 14, 2023

Amplify Clarity and Learner Engagement

Isaac Wells
10:00 am PST | Feb 10, 2023 | Zoom

Learner clarity and engagement support and build on one another. They are essential for students to fully take part in the assessment process. For this cadre, we will gather to explore how we can offer students multiple opportunities to engage socially, academically, and intellectually and to reengage when they feel disconnected or that they don’t belong. Academic, social, and emotional clarity based in their own lived experiences and co-constructed learning goals and success criteria are essential to deep and lasting engagement. Together we will experience co-construction and discuss how it can be adapted to any expectations. We will also interact with a panel of experts in clarity and engagement and will examine strategies for improving both through questioning.

Leveraging Criticality

Tanyna Hekymara, Micahel De Sousa, Dr. Ingrid Twyman
10:00 am PST | Mar 10, 2023 | Zoom

What is Criticality? We explore this concept and how can we use questioning, dialogue, and reflection to help students better understand the world around us, our placement within it, and how we can express and tackle any misalignment from our vision and our reality.

Connecting the Dots

Connie Hamilton, Ingrid Twyman, Ed.D, Isaac Wells, Kara Vandas, Paul Bloomberg, Ed.D, Rachel Carrillo Fairchild, Vivett Dukes
10:00 am PST | Apr 14, 2023 | Zoom

We end our series by thinking about how we connect these core concepts of culturally responsive formative assessment to our practices in an effort to amplify learner voices.

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