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Join Us in Utah on Oct 10

KS MO Superintendent Forum

401 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64112
Oct 4—5, 2023

Navigating Leadership Drift: Make Observable Impact on Rigorous Learning

Dr. Michael McDowell
Oct 04, 2023

School leaders are leaving the profession at alarming rates given the demands that are put on today’s schools and the number of hats leaders feel they are supposed to wear. Sometimes school leaders are their own well-meaning worst enemy; they try to be everything to everyone all of the time, which takes them away from the work they want to be doing. They begin to drift. Learn how to avoid drifting toward being the “knower” or the “doer.”


Dr. Michael De Sousa,
Oct 04, 2023

As system leaders, we have to navigate diverse and layered challenges. Whether it is finances, instruction, curriculum, school culture, staffing, political tensions, or stakeholder engagement, every decision can feel like a trade-off. Complex challenges require honest and transparent leadership. In this session, leaders will consider the challenges, assets, and aspirations we have for our districts so we can better navigate the complexities of leadership.

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