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Learning Forward Annual Conference

Evidence into action

DC/National Harbor
Dec 3—6, 2023

2023 theme: Evidence into action
Evidence into action speaks to the importance of evidence-based practices and how our conference bridges research and implementation to improve results for each student. In 2022, we explored what it would take to reimagine education after all that we learned from the pandemic. This year we look at how we apply what we have learned to best practices in classrooms, teams, buildings, systems, and regions.

Leading for Rigorous Learning

Michael McDowell, EdD
Dec 03, 2023

Leaders affect the greatest number of people in a system, making them a potential catalyst for transformation. Explore leadership habits that ensure your students experience surface, deep, and transfer learning. Coach educators and teams to design rigorous learning, collect and analyze evidence of such learning, and respond with high-leverage actions that foster positive impact. Leave with a set of strategies to lead with and for rigorous teaching and learning for staff and students.

Participants will

  • Draw connections among surface, deep, and transfer learning
  • Align surface, deep, and transfer levels of learning to high-yield instructional practices
  • Learn strategies for collecting and analyzing evidence of impact across levels of learning
  • Develop leadership habits that will support rigorous instruction and strengthen learner agency

Taking Flight: Impact Learning by Empowering Learner Agency

Jeanette Westfall, Kara Vandas
9:30 am - 11:30 am EST | Dec 05, 2023

Join our flight crew to excite and ignite learning in your classroom and schools through a “flight plan” that builds learner agency. Examine numerous strategies as you build a plan for lifting off and accelerating learning through high impact strategies with amazing student and classroom examples. Join us to design a flight path that best fits your students to enable them to soar in their learning and grow their efficacy to take flight!

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