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Missouri Powerful Learning

Moving Forward Together

Tan-Tar-A Conference Center
Osage Beach, MO
Jan 30—31, 2023

The Anatomy of a Mastery Moment

Kara Vandas
8:00 am CST | Jan 31, 2023 | General Session

D1: Building Students’ Self-Efficacy

Kara Vandas, Jeanette Westfall
9:30 am CST | Jan 31, 2023

Students with high self-efficacy have the power, skills, and self-belief to double (if not triple) the speed of their own learning. How do we support students in building self-efficacy? By using a few simple yet powerful practices, teachers can use praise effectively; grow learner dispositions thoughtfully; challenge negative thinking; and engage in meaningful goalsetting, feedback, and progress-making with their students. Come learn how to change outcomes for your students through understanding the power of clear learning expectations and equipping students to use metacognition to move their own learning forward.

Levels: All

Presenters: Kara Vandas, Keynote Speaker; and Jeanette Westfall, Assistant Superintendent, Liberty School District

E1: Clarity for Learning — Five Powerful Practices That Empower Learners

Kara Vandas, Jeanette Westfall
11:00 am CST | Jan 31, 2023

If you desire self-directed learners who are equipped to contribute to the learning of others, own their own learning, and reach their own goals, this session is a must-see. Come learn how clarity creates the conditions for meaningful learning and student empowerment. Without clarity, it is impossible for teachers to paint a clear picture of what is to be learned, why it is important, and how students can be successful. In such scenarios, students are unable to take ownership.

Rather, they are relegated to passive participation. The polar opposite is to provide students with clarity around learning and equip them with the skills and desire to take risks, monitor their own progress, provide feedback, rely on others, see themselves as their own teachers, and find success no matter the route taken.

Levels: All

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