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MO Learning Forward

Next Level Learning: Access, Evidence, Excellence

Oasis Hotel and Convention Center
Springfield, MO
Mar 5—7, 2023

Strained and Drained: Tools for Overworked Teachers (Keynote)

Connie Hamilton
9:15 am CST | Mar 07, 2023 | TBD

Self-care is more than treating yourself to a latte or taking a deep breath. The nature of the education profession causes educators to give 100% to their roles, often leaving little or no energy for themselves and their families. Schools need teachers, coaches and leaders to be at their best and when their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual wellness are ignored, there are consequences in the form of effectiveness, focus, mood, and overall health. You will learn how these five areas of care impact your overall wellness, how to build habits that keep you at your best, and get some quick tools to use on days and in moments when you’re feeling particularly drained. For educators in coaching roles, you will walk away with tools to tend to your own care and how to be sensitive and supportive to the educators you partner with. Enough with the short-term fixes. It’s time to reduce the strain and drain for overworked educators.

Hacking Questions: The Art of Questioning (Post Conference)

Connie Hamilton
11:30 am CST | Mar 07, 2023 | TBD

Teachers ask a lot of questions each day – literally hundreds! Being an exceptional questioner is not just about the question itself, but how it is delivered to students, the way you plan for students to engage, and what happens after right/wrong answers are provided. Join Connie Hamilton, the author of the best selling book, Hacking Questions for an afternoon of learning about the art of questioning. Be ready to engage as Connie uses the strategies she shares to provide a professional learning experience like none other. Walk away with tools you can use immediately, specific nuances to look for, and a clear understanding about how to make instructional decisions that foster a student centered learning environment. Coaches and leaders will gain clarity on what to notice and how to incrementally improve instruction at every level and subject area. Teachers in preschool through high school will all find useful tools to make teaching more intentional.

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