This summer’s OML conference, Connecting the Dots, has three strands of focus:

  • Ambitious Classrooms, or how students interact with the content of mathematics.
  • Principled Instruction, or how teachers explain and present the content of mathematics.
  • Authentic Mathematics, or how teachers and schools organize the content of mathematics.

Each strand above is a chance for a diverse range of potential/returning OML campers to look at a different level of math education. We look forward to math leaders weaving the strands together, thus making connections between how we organize mathematics into standards/ courses/ units, how we present mathematics within a lesson through our verbal explanations and printed/ projected materials, and how we expect students to think about, discuss, and do the mathematics. From big picture to minutiae. From progressive ideas to traditional ones. From k to 16. From counting to Calculus. From Ashland to Ontario. Oregon Math Leaders connect the dots. OML 2023