Educational leaders often feel they are faced with the choice between using innovative leadership methods—such as design thinking and transformational practices—or reverting to traditional authoritative methods. As leaders we yearn for more authentic and engaging methods to engage a teacher’s creativity and engagement, and simultaneously ensure that teachers are facilitating maximal academic and 21st Century learning gains and progress for every student. 

The Lead Learner discusses the knowledge and skills necessary to take a balanced approach that enables everyone in their organization to thrive in creating new approaches to learning and refining current practices. When leaders balance innovative approaches and traditional ‘best practices’, they cause substantial learning for staff and learners. This session walks leaders through several processes for developing classrooms, departments, schools and systems that focus on extensively enhancing student learning over time. Using the latest research in school and executive leadership, cognitive and improvement science, and curriculum and instruction, this session presents leaders with practical approaches and tools to move their organization forward.