Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In this video second grade Impact Team teachers from PS 9, Naples Street Elementary, in Staten Island, discuss standard RI 2.9 regarding comparing and contrasting two texts about the same topic using the “Evidence • Analysis • Action Protocol” for examining student work. This high functioning team explores the importance of text structure and student understanding as well as the assessment they used to gather evidence of student learning.

Highlighted in the video, the teachers discuss the importance of comparing and contrasting two texts. Here are some of the reasons they provide:

  • synthesize important information
  • develop knowledge of the topic
  • see the patterns in a text to make connections
  • connect to real-life experiences
  • differentiate between important points and details
  • identify text structure
  • understanding relationships between texts to build deeper understanding

They end the meeting by developing collective actions to accelerate student learning.

Are you currently using the Evidence • Analysis • Action Protocol for examining student work? How have you found it useful? If you haven’t used it yet, how could this improve student learning in your classes? Please share.