Does your team have a burning desire to increase personalization of learning for teachers, students, and leaders in your system?

Do you have a need for the inspiration, strategies, and support that are only possible through a well-designed professional learning experience?

If so…

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Apply for one of our #MindFuelED2020 scholarships. Check out more of what the scholarship covers and how to apply here.

Since we are committed to personalized learning and the growth of all educators, we wanted to offer this amazing opportunity to any school community who could grow from it.

Why MindFuelED 2020?

As a learning organization, The Core Collaborative understands how important it is for educators to have opportunities for new learning. Current research as well as experience from the field will be shared in whole-group master sessions as well as in smaller break out groups that you will self-select based on your personal learning pathway.

As a collaborative team ourselves, we know that learning is social and complex and for implementation of learning to happen with success it requires a team effort. You will be immersed in new learning to build on the strengths and expertise you and your team already have. Reflection time to process and plan for your specific situation is scheduled into the program, so you and your team can make progress toward first steps.

What is PersonalizED Learning (Aside from our theme for this year’s MindFuelED)?

PersonalizED Learning builds on and responds to the varied strengths, needs, skills, and aspirations of each learner.

Students engage in authentic, meaningful experiences and tasks to ensure they maximize progress toward mastery of the learning dispositions and academic standards that will prepare them for success both in and out of school. Below are five principles of PersonalizED Learning established by the Center for Collaborative Learning.

The Five Principles of PersonalizED Learning:

  • Competency-Based Learning: Students move at their optimal pace and receive credit when they demonstrate mastery of competencies—or learning targets—at each new level.
  • Flexible Learning: Time, space, and teacher roles adapt to the needs of students through the use of technology and flexible structures, rather than being a fixed, “one size fits all” experience.
  • Student-Ownership: Students exercise voice and choice in their learning and co-create personal academic profiles and learning plans focused on student interests, aspirations, and learning challenges.
  • Dispositional Learning: With a focus on equity, identity, and concern for others, students develop the attitudes and habits necessary for academic growth and preparation for life in a global society.
  • Authentic Learning: Students engage in standards-aligned workplace, project- and community-based learning, with multiple opportunities to demonstrate what they know and are able to do.

Why Your Team?

We want to know why MindFuelED 2020 is right for YOU and your TEAM. Reflect on how joining us at MindFuelED will create an opportunity for professional learning that you would not have otherwise.

Video Applications

We are accepting applications between Tuesday, January 14th and Friday, March 20th. The winning team will be announced on Monday, April 6th.

Remember, all teams who submit an application and video qualify for 20% off the cost of registration. So everyone is already a winner!

Content Requirements:

Create a video to tell your story and respond to our essential question and meets the criteria of the rubric.

How will spending time at MindFuelED 2020 in Vail, Colorado strengthen your team and help you achieve your goals for personalizing learning?

We would love to see evidence of your school or team’s personality and creativity! Incorporate anything you want to tell the selection committee that you feel sets your team apart.

What sets your team apart? We can’t wait to learn more about your team and to see you in Vail.

Best of Luck!