We are thrilled to have partner consultant and author Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad joining us for our June TCC Master Class Series webinar “Learner CenterED Coaching”.

Vince Lombardi. Dean Smith. John Wooden. These are the names of coaches who are better known and more respected than even many of their best players. They drove teams to victory year after year and established programs that were greater than the sum of their parts.

Sports require an understanding of the game in general as well as an understanding of specific teams and players. Players enter the game with clear goals, a plan, and a bank of strategies, but many of their decisions must be made in a split second. Great coaches understand the pressure on the players and go beyond reacting to each play to looking for patterns of strengths they can build on as well as areas they can strengthen.

Teaching is a complex and challenging endeavor. The educators who support our students deserve support themselves and often the people best situated to support them are instructional coaches. In this Master Class, author and educator Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad offers support for the coaches.

Illustration of seven gears with icons in each to represent the seven coaching drivers.

Instructional coaches play a crucial role in helping educators meet the ever-changing demands placed on teaching and learning. In this TCC Master Class, coaches will discover seven drivers they can use to best support teachers in their daily work: (1) collaboration, (2) transparency, (3) inquiry, (4) discourse, (5) reverberation, (6) sincerity, and (7) influence.

Instructional leaders can expect to:

  • Explore the seven daily drivers necessary to become a more effective instructional coach
  • Gain strategies to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes with teachers and teacher teams
  • Understand the sociocultural psychology and education research that support the seven daily drivers
  • Learn approaches you can use to keep pace with the demands on today’s educators, coaches, and instructional leaders

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Who: Partner Consultant and Author Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad

What: Register here for Learner CenterED Coaching

When: Thursday, June 18th (4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern)*

Why: Learn seven drivers which enable instructional leaders to effectively support educators in one of the most complex, challenging, and important careers in the world.

*This time doesn’t work for you? No problem! Register and we will send you a recording of the webinar by the start of the next week.

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