Every summer at The Core Collaborative, we triangulate evidence to determine the impact of our efforts. Our “mind fuel” comes from applying Evidence-Analysis-Action (E-A-A) in which we acknowledge our successes, identify our struggles, and analyze both so we can inspire adaptations, revisions, and innovations for the next school year.


To determine our TCC impact we examine multiple sources of evidence, including:

  • perception data (including feedback surveys, focus groups, and interviews),
  • performance data (including student assessment results and team performance as measured by protocol completion),
  • student/teamwork (including formative student work and formative team protocol documentation), and
  • observation data (including direct observation and video evidence of team protocol implementation as well as classroom protocol implementation).


We analyze this evidence by posing questions for team discussion such as:

  • Why was ____ successful?
  • What kind of thinking made this success possible?
  • What self-regulation strategies were utilized?
  • What conditions of efficacy were fostered?
  • What barriers kept ____ from being successful?
  • Why did these barriers exist?
  • What skills or strategies were missing?


Finally, we commit to actions currently yielding success and we look for ways to expand or elevate this success. Additionally, we research to determine collective actions likely to address our identified barriers and we agree to implement these actions.

(Figure 1.1 EAA Framework p. 18 LIT 2.0)

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