Dr. Carrie Symons holds a BFA in Theater (University of Colorado, Boulder), a MA in Education: Curriculum and Instruction (University of Colorado, Boulder), and a PhD in Educational Studies: Literacy, Language, and Culture (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor).

Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University. As a former elementary classroom teacher of 10 years in both urban and rural schools, she is interested in how teachers learn and develop the tools and practices necessary for the facilitation of students’ meaning-making.

Her teaching and research focus on literacy instruction, reading comprehension, and English language development across the content areas. Alongside her work as an elementary classroom teacher and scholar, Carrie has been practicing yoga for the past 13 years. In 2005, she became a certified yoga teacher and has taught all levels of students from beginners to pre-service yoga teachers. At the intersection of education, the arts, and yoga,

Carrie is compelled to further explore how teachers can cultivate a teaching practice that is sustainable and nurturing for both themselves and their students.