Kelley S. Miller began her career as a middle school Language Arts teacher. She was an early adopter of project-based learning, and has designed and implemented project based learning for the language arts classroom derived from novels, textbooks, and current events. She taught in school partnership with New Tech Network for a number of years, and implemented Dr. McDowell’s instructional model in her classroom to reach the learning needs of her students in special education, general education, and accelerated classes.

Mrs. Miller currently works as a district instructional coach for secondary schools. As a coach, Kelley S. Miller leads the work of guiding teachers to ensure one year’s growth in one year’s time for their students. She supports both new and veteran teachers, individuals and teacher teams, and administrators in cultivating a culture of progress and continual learning. Her efforts helping teacher teams to interpret student data and implement findings from current research are highly regarded. In addition, she has served as adjunct professor for Touro University’s graduate school of education, PBL Summer Institute Design Team, and is a NapaLearns fellow.

Concurrently, Mrs. Miller works closely with Hinge Education to bring forward Rigorous Problem and Project Based Learning and Leadership to school systems around the world. She began as a teacher implementing Dr. McDowell’s strategies in the classroom, and has since become a collaborator for delivering professional learning services to faculty and administration. Her focus continues to be on ensuring students substantially improve in their core academic learning and in developing their efficacy to take ownership over their own learning. Kelley brings an experience and knowledge base in authentic project-based learning juxtaposed with sound research-based practices that move students’ academic achievement forward.

Kelley holds a Masters Degree in Education from Touro University and a B.A. in Speech Communication and Theatre Arts from Texas A&M University. She is a proud mother of two.