Megan Donnellon currently serves as the staff development director for the East Central BOCES in Limon, Colorado. She has been with the EC BOCES for 5 years. Before becoming the staff development director, she was an Impact Team Coach who helped serve the majority of the school districts. The EC BOCES serves 20 rural school districts over 10,000 square miles. Her main role has been to provide professional development to regional teachers and staff. The EC BOCES created Impact Team Coaches 5 years ago and had a total of 4 coaches strengthen the work of Impact Teams across each district. Currently the BOCES is working with over 300 educators and over 90 Impact Teams.

Megan Donnellon began her teaching career in a rural school in Eastern Colorado. The school is one of the smallest school districts in the state of Colorado with combined classrooms such as a K-2 classroom and a 3-5 classroom. Teaching in this district was instrumental because it gave her a range in teaching experience at all grade levels. After 2 years of teaching in a combined classroom, she went to another rural school district where she was able to teach 1st grade, 2nd, grade, and 5th grade. Megan taught there for 6 years implementing Impact Team work in her classroom before she was presented with the opportunity to be an Impact Team Coach with EC BOCES. She resides in Strasburg, Colorado, which is about 45 minutes east of Denver.