Hello Amazing Humans,

I have had the amazing opportunity to work with a phenomenal group of students to explore the complexities of the human experience via dialogue, critical thought, and shared experience. During that time the students realized they had a desire to allow more people to be a part of these conversations with the intention to expand understanding and normalize critical thought around topics and/or issues that can be often seen as contentious.

As a result, the students landed on creating a podcast that focuses on sharing student-youth perspective on issues and topics that are often dominated by adult voice which undermines the credibility, validity, and power of student/youth voice. The Students of HoCo.Convo aim to shift that narrative with the 2ManyAdultsInTheRoom Podcast.

Episode 2: Redistricting in Howard County Maryland

On the second episode of the 2ManyAdultsInTheRoom Podcast students explore and share their perspectives on school redistricting which is currently being explored in Howard County Maryland. The intention is to create a more equitable school system with an even distribution of resources and access to resources for students. Although this has been the intention the impact has created very polarizing opinions, perspectives, and ideologies. In this episode, students aim to find common ground and understanding as they share the perspective of the people this will influence the most…the student perspective.