A group of high school students in a library.

Hello Awesome Humans, My Name is Trent Day Hall and I hope this message finds you in happy, healthy, and high spirits.

During the last few months the world/humanity has experienced a drastic shift to the way we live and perceive the world around us. Social distancing, for example, has further exposed the need for humans to have genuine and authentic connections with others. This is evident in the way we all shifted interaction and communication via virtual mediums so quickly;

A need that we seek to fulfill even when it isn’t possible for us to physically exist in the same space.

Trent leads an activity with high school students.

Although we have made this virtual shift in a short amount of time I question if we are truly satisfying our internal need for genuine & authentic human connection because of our individual and collective inability to communicate effectively and efficiently in all mediums.

For an example of this look no further than social media and the way in which people interact when ideological/cultural differences are brought to the forefront. On Facebook you can see this happen not only among strangers but also within families, friend groups, and colleagues.

The root cause of our inability to connect and communicate can be solved with Awareness. Intentionality. Empathy. Practice.

  • What would happen if I fully leaned into our need for genuine & authentic human connection?
  • How differently would the world arrive for us if I had a deeper awareness of self?
  • What would change if I entered interactions aligned with my intentions?
  • What effect would unlearning the barriers to empathy have on us and those around us?
  • What if I saw every opportunity with someone of difference as an opportunity to practice honoring dignity?

I ask you to truly consider these questions and the way that they strike you…there lies an invite to engage in the initial stages of genuine & authentic human connection.