Join inspirational educators and partner consultants Carolyn Gery and Marisol Rerucha for a TCC Master Class Series interview titled: “Equity: Mindset and Heartset”.

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The educational system was established in a way that guarantees disparities in educational outcomes. Generations of students and families continue to be failed by education. Equity is seen as the answer. But the work required is much deeper than a focus on equity initiatives. The education system needs to not only be transformed but healed.

This work starts with each one of us. We start by embracing our own humanity, and that of others, through reflection, growth, vulnerability and healing. While doing the work of self we can begin to orient our learning communities to equity and a culture of dignity.

I am excited to be discussing our current situation and a pathway forward with Carolyn Gery and Marisol Rerucha. These two dedicated educators will share from their personal experiences as leaders as well as their extensive study of how to transform ourselves and our communities.

This Master Class explores what happens at the personal and interpersonal level when dignity is recognized, healing is the driver and equity is the destination. Join us as we examine the heart, strategies and structures which support healing and growth for the individual and the community.

Join the conversation to:

  • Discover how critically reflective practice can be used to understand one’s self, others and community.
  • Examine the connection between restorative practices, trauma-informed and resiliency-focused processes and community healing.
  • Connect with others committed to this work.

Who: Partner Consultants and Thought Leaders Carolyn Gery and Marisol Rerucha

What: Register here for Equity: Mindset and Heartset

When: Tuesday, November 10th (4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern)*

Why: Discuss how focusing on mindset and heartset individuals and communities .

*This time doesn’t work for you? No problem! Register and we will send you a recording of the webinar by the start of the next week.

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