Aaron Eisberg began his career designing and implementing project-based learning in K-5 science classrooms. After teaching in the classroom, Mr. Eisberg spent a significant portion of his career advising teachers, schools, and school systems in the development and deployment of rigorous instructional design, effective assessment, and ensuring high levels of student voice and achievement in K-12 systems.

Mr. Eisberg currently works as the Learning Coordinator for the Center for Excellence at New Technology High School, the flagship school of the New Tech Network. As the Learning Coordinator he leads the work of designing new content for faculty, cultivating and curating professional learning for educators around the world, and supporting Napa New Tech High School in strengthening their student-led culture and meeting core academic and 21st Century outcomes. Mr. Eisberg is well regarded in his ability to lead adult professional learning in the utilization of innovative methodologies in today’s classrooms.

Concurrently, Mr. Eisberg works closely with Hinge Education to bring forward Rigorous Problem and Project Based Learning and Leadership to school systems around the world. He has worked closely with Dr. McDowell to create and implement the best possible professional learning service to faculty and administration. His focus has always been and continues to be on ensuring students substantially improve in their core academic learning and in developing their efficacy to take ownership over their own learning. Aaron brings an experience and knowledge base in authentic project-based learning juxtaposed with sound research based practices that move students’ academic achievement forward. Additionally, Mr. Eisberg is one of the longest standing Buck Institute of Education National Faculty members.

Aaron received a B.S. degree in Natural Science from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University Bloomington. He holds a Multiple Subject Credential and single subject credentials in Biological Sciences, Introductory Science and Technology.