May 25, 2022 | Core Collaborative | Press Release

We at the Core Collaborative extend our deep condolences to the families and community of Uvalde. As these events impact us and our peer learning partners, we can only imagine the deep pain of those people directly affected.

We extend our arms in an embrace around our school communities and share in the universal call for healing.

We are also angered that these types of violence happen with so much frequency. Going to school should be a joyous experience, not one that leads to trauma or worse. It has long been understood that safety is a foundational human need. We believe strongly in proactive policies and practices that ensure psychological and physical safety for school communities.

We also believe in the transformational power of social emotional learning, cultivating school climates of belonging, and ensuring trauma-informed instruction and care.

It is not lost on us that schools are already exhausted and still processing through the trauma of the last few years. We will continue to support and partner with our learning communities to build strong systems of support where students, teachers, leaders, and families feel safe and are trauma aware and trauma informed. We urge others to seek avenues to do the same.

With Love and Compassion,

The Core Collaborative Learning Network

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