Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The Core Collaborative will be offering complimentary professional learning during this time of crisis. We want to give back to the schools and systems that have supported us over the last six years by contributing our expertise to support you in reaching your school-wide goals. We know we can make an even bigger difference if we work together.

Can I get credit for learning with TCC?

Yes! Download our Core Contributes Reflection Journal to track and reflect on 7 different learning sessions from the Core Contributes Professional Learning Menu. If you return a completed reflection journal to Shaye at TCC, shaye@thecorecollaborative.com, you will be eligible for college credit from Brandman University or if you are a NYC Educator you will receive one CTLE credit. Educators wanting college credit from Brandman will have to pay Brandman directly.


  • Support teachers and leaders during this time with practical ideas to keep their organization learning.

  • To contribute to the organizations that have contributed to our success for the past six years.


The Core Contributes Professional Learning Menu

Master Class Webinars

Reflect on one or more of our 16 TCC Masterclasses to receive credit. Our Masterclass Webinars will be released on our Core Collaborative Facebook Page, Twitter and Linked In. You can also go to the Core Collaborative YouTube Channel to view our playlist of webinars.

Lunch and Learns

Collaborate with the Core Collaborative Team Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by watching and implementing practical, bite-sized PD by opening your email inbox at 12:00 in your time zone. Videos will be emailed to you directly and will also be posted on social media. We will also make a Lunch and Learn Playlist located on The Core Collaborative YouTube Channel.

SIGN UP here to have Lunch and Learn Tips sent directly to your inbox.

AuthorED & InspirED

Mimi and Todd Press Publisher, Starr Sackstein, has developed an interview-based web-series. Starr will be interviewing authors and exploring their inspiration for their book and what their greatest hope is in terms of making a difference. Go to MimiToddPress.com to watch our web-series debut in April!


Facebook Group Coaching

Many of our consultants and authors facilitate Facebook Groups. Join a TCC Facebook Group or TCC Affiliate Group and get free coaching aligned to the group’s content focus. All coaching sessions will be recorded and posted on The Core Collaborative YouTube Channel.

  • Impact Teams: Join TCC Impact Team Coaches to learn quick tips for quality implementation of the Impact Team Model. The core of our coaching will be focused on the formative assessment process. 3 PM EST – Wednesdays

  • Hacking School Discipline: Join the TCC Hacking School Discipline Team, Nathan Maynard and Brad Weinstein, to learn quick tips to create a culture of empathy and responsibility. 1PM EST – Tuesdays

  • Teachers Throwing Out Grades Group: Starr Sackstein, Hacking Assessment author, for a practical coaching session on throwing out grades best practice. 11AM EST – Fridays


TCC Blog

Take a moment to read a post, reflect and take action in your school and classroom by learning new ideas from The Core Communiqué – The TCC Blog. Remember to reflect on your favorite posts for credit.


Join us for our weekly Twitter chat focused on student-centered learning and the formative process. Our 30-minute structured chat asks five questions on a particular topic to engage in a virtual conversation. The chat is on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm EST and ends at 7pm – please collaborate with us. We are always in need of passionate educators to guest moderate. You can fill out this form if you are interested in moderating.


Core Collaborative Podcast Central

Our authors and consultants just want to make a difference. Listen to TCC Authors and Consultants by listening to a podcast about the work they believe in. Our authors have been guests on many podcasts from across the nation. All of our author podcasts will now be located on the TCC Podcast Central page so you can listen and reflect for credit.


Download our Core Contributes Reflection Journal and let’s start learning together. Just like Socrates said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Let’s learn together because we can make an even bigger difference for each other and our students if we do.


Please stay safe and healthy… Love Always,


Paul & Tony and the TCC Team