Collaborative Education Group Teams Up with Schools to Reimagine Formative Assessment through an Asset-Based and Cultural Lens.


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Amplify Learner Voice pushes back against traditional assessment and grading practices that continue to be an inequitable endeavor for our nation’s learners; traditional classroom practices continue to sort and label students by characterizing them by what they lack or don’t know. In this book eight authors-practitioners and The Core Collaborative’s partner schools reimagine formative assessment through an asset-based, cultural lens to make a greater impact on learning and our shared humanity.

The ‘Amplify Learner Voice Formative Assessment Framework’ identifies and integrates and unpacks seven culturally responsive and sustaining concepts to shift how educators and learners engage in core formative assessment practices that cultivate conditions where all stakeholders thrive.

“As an educator with 30 years of experience across the NYC Department of Education, mother of two, and Latina immigrant, I highly recommend “Amplify” to my colleague teachers, assistant principals, principals, and superintendents. The authors bring clarity to the processes and dispositions required to develop strength based, affirming school communities. This book moves away from a traditional assessment structure that often results in labeling students to developing a culture of criticality, self-reflection, and advocacy that will result in student agency. Every chapter of this book will allow you the opportunity to do so while learning strategies and techniques to implement in classrooms, schools, and districts. A must read independently and in community.”
– Marisol Rosales, Former Senior Deputy Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

Presented in an easy-to-read, practical format, with video examples and practical resources throughout, “Amplify” is published through Mimi & Todd Press. Mimi & Todd is the publishing home of The Project Habit, Arrows, and the best-selling book, Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity. Books can be purchased in paperback and E-book through major book retailers and Mimi Todd Press Website.

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