We are pumped to have author and educator Rachel Carrillo Fairchild leading our TCC Master Class Series webinar this September. Join us to explore how you can increase Impact with English Learners.

The number of students who speak one or more languages other than English has increased drastically and will continue to do so. Gaps in learning and performance between native and non-native English speakers have proven to be persistent over the years. At the same time, many English speaking students’ home language experience does not match the vocabulary and syntax found in schools and texts.

Checklist of the Evidence-Analysis-Action protocol.

These trends have left many educators frustrated and wondering, “What can I do?”

According to Rachel, a better question might be “What can we do?”

One step in discovering and designing effective instruction is to implement Impact Teams. As an Impact Teams coach, Rachel Carrillo Fairchild supports teams as they analyze quality evidence of student learning to determine what collective actions will build on students’ current strengths and needs. Often this analysis reveals needs in language that are common with English Learners. However, teachers may feel at a loss for what collective actions will accelerate learning for these students.

Rachel will share strategies that can be used to support learning for all students across contexts. She will draw on her expertise as a teacher of English as a second language to help us understand trends in the learning needs of many language learners. She will also share tips for when and how to focus specifically on language learners within the EAA Team Meeting and Case Study Protocols.

Participants will:

  • Learn key points about the intentional analysis of English Learners’ strengths and barriers
  • Explore examples of language supports that can be applied in various content areas
  • Take away key strategies to support language development so that all students are included in the learning

Who: Partner Consultant and Author Rachel Carrillo Fairchild

What: Register here for Impact with English Learners

When: Thursday, September 17th (4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern)*

Why: Educators around the world need effective strategies to support students who are learning a language in addition to learning the concepts and skills of their academic skills. Teams of educators can use the purposeful protocols of Impact Teams and knowledge of the specific needs of language learners to accelerate learning and close gaps.

*This time doesn’t work for you? No problem! Register and we will send you a recording of the webinar by the start of the next week.

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