Peer Power’s Chapter 8: Igniting Goal Setting with Emerging Readers by Isaac Wells helps readers understand the necessity of goal setting even with our early learners.

In this video, we see a goal-setting conference where Ms. Zhao has used her notes from a guided reading session to determine that the student needs to focus on reading new words.

Ms. Zhao asks the student to begin with by showing where she used a strategy to solve a new word successfully. Knowing that she is over-relying on the strategy of using pictures to solve new words, Ms. Zhao coaches the student to check for meaning and to look for chunks of words she knows.

To wrap up, she reviews the goal to make sure the student knows exactly what to work on in her independent reading. (This conference took place away from the group so the teacher and student could be clearly heard.)

How could you use goal-setting as part of your classes to help students develop a deeper understanding of their own needs? Please share

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