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Collaboration is key to growth and success.

Meet our network of education professionals with shared beliefs and expansive knowledge about how learning happens.

We are researchers, educators, parents, presenters, data nerds, authors, optimists, and, above all, passionate advocates for learner-centered processes.

We may not know what challenges the future will bring. But we’re sure that if today’s students know how to learn, they will be able to meet those challenges with confidence, creativity, and competence.

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TCC Founders

After coaching their two sons through a painful high school experience that lacked real world relevance and a culture of belonging, Paul J. Bloomberg, EdD and his husband Tony Francoeur founded The Core Collaborative Learning Network with a small group of educators, friends, authors, and researchers in their living room in San Diego. The Core Collaborative’s mission was (and still is) to grow a network of educators and thought partners with a shared mission to eliminate opportunity gaps by co-creating conditions in our schools that nurture each learner’s identities, curiosities, and strengths so they are eager to explore, discover, and figure things out while contributing positively to the growth of others.

Meet the people in our TCC family.