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Learner-Centered Curriculum

Learner-Centered Curriculum

How does your system engage students in real-world, relevant, and personally meaningful learning experiences?

Design a culturally responsive and sustaining curriculum

Engage all learners in authentic, relevant, and robust learning experiences

Ensure clarity of expectations by co-constructing learning progressions

Create conditions to cultivate a healthy learning identity in our students

What are your learner-centered curricular goals?

Close opportunity gaps and help students of all backgrounds develop critical 21st-century learning skills.

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Design and revise curriculum that lives up to its promise: creating a pathway to success for every learner.

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Evaluate your current curriculum with a TCC curriculum expert.

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Quality, Customized Professional Learning That Works

Our professional learning pathways all have the same goal, to advance learner ownership, efficacy, and agency. We partner with your system to assess your needs and co-construct an action plan anchored in implementation science. We are ready to help and support you at any stage of your learning journey.

Our Learning Progression

Foundational Learning

Build a shared language of learning anchored in co-constructed goals and success criteria aligned to your mission and vision.

Job-Embedded Coaching

Empower educators using the gradual release of responsibility to model, coach, monitor, and analyze progress towards shared goals.

Sustainable Systems

Advance teacher agency to ensure risk-taking, innovation, and collective efficacy through quality implementation.

Rigorous PBL by Design

Life is full of authentic challenges that can only be met with clarity, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and feedback. School should be the same. Looking to close opportunity gaps while providing students with real world, authentic learning experiences? Rigorous PBL, designed by global PBL thought leader, Michael McDowell, has the potential to eliminate systemic opportunity gaps by developing critical 21st century learning skills that will serve our students for life!

Foundational Learning Rigorous PBL by Design

This multi-day foundational learning walks teachers through the “what, why, and how” of developing relevant and engaging curriculum to advance learner agency.

  • Articulate rationale for Rigorous PBL to close opportunity gaps
  • Ensure clarity in project design through formative assessment
  • Explore strategies and tasks for surface-deep-transfer learning
  • Explore methods to determine individual and collective impact
  • Align feedback to surface-deep-transfer learning expectations
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Rigorous PBL by Design: Three Shifts for Developing Confident and Competent Learners

Michael McDowell

Personalized Coaching for Rigorous PBL
  • Analyze student evidence to inform decisions
  • Provide and recieve feedback from multiple sources
  • Ensure quality implementation and sustainability
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The Project Habit: Making Rigorous PBL Doable​

Michael McDowell, EdD and Kelley S. Miller

Equitable, Viable, and Coherent Curriculum Design

Join our team to design and revise curricula that live up to its promise of creating a pathway to success for every learner. Teams will work through a step-by-step process to describe both “what” and “how” students should learn throughout the year anchored in the Visible Learning synthesis of educational research . Our model ensures a culturally responsive approach that allows every student to reach their full potential.

Learner-Centered Curriculum Design
  • Prioritize and unpack learning progressions for clarity
  • Develop a coherent pacing or consensus guide
  • Ensure evidence based learning acceleration strategies
  • Design criteria-based formative tasks
  • Align school and district resources
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Clarity for Learning: Five Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers

Kara Vandas and John Almarode

Infusing Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Practices
  • Explore and respond to cultural identity
  • Develop asset-based mindsets
  • Cultivate quality learning partnerships
  • Enact a critical and culturally responsive lens
  • Incorporate culturally authentic texts and resources
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Amplify Learner Voice Through Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Assessment

Paul J. Bloomberg, Ed.D., Kara Vandas, Ingrid Twyman, Vivett Dukes, Rachel Carrillo Fairchild, Connie Hamilton and Isaac Wells

Learner-Centered Literacy​ Design
  • Ensure the gradual release of responsibility
  • Integrate authentic reading and writing experiences
  • Infuse speaking, listening and collaborative learning
  • Design disciplinary literacy experiences
  • Infuse science of reading best practices
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Peer Power Chapters 8, 9, and 10

Isaac Wells, Sarah Stevens and Lisa Cebelak

Empowered Mathematician Instructional Design
  • Design inquiry-based learning cycles
  • Balance conceptual understanding, fluency, application
  • Sequence challenging investigations and problems
  • Cultivate a mathematical mindset
  • Infuse mathematical practices and processes
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Peer Power Chapter 11: The Case for Problem Solving

Lori Cook

Next Generation Science Storyline Design
  • Design coherent storylines to expand 3-D learning
  • Plan experiences for learners to “figure out” science
  • Sequence explorations of phenomena and tasks
  • Incorporate effective methods of science instruction
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Peer Power Chapter 12: Yes! #PeerPower in Chemistry

Eric Bjornstad

Learner-Centered Social Studies Instructional Design
  • Design learning around the ten themes of social studies
  • Sequence authentic learning experiences
  • Think and problem-solve like a historian
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Peer Power Chapters 13-14

Gary P. Giordano and Katie Smith

Learner-Centered Curriculum Review

Is your curriculum making an impact? ​Effective curriculum design is an essential component of a successful education, but not all curriculum is created equal. Our team of experts focuses on the best thinking in curriculum, assessment, instructional design and delivery to analyze and evaluate your current curriculum and make recommendations for continuous improvement.

Learner-Centered Curriculum Review

Our curriculum and instructional delivery design ensures comprehensive recommendations for:

  • Planning and change management
  • Curricular scope and sequence
  • Staff development
  • Assessment scope and trend data
  • Assessment design and delivery
  • Curricular and metacognitive equity
  • MTSS design
  • Teacher’s beliefs about standards
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Clarity for Learning: Five Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers

Kara Vandas and John Almarode

Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Curriculum Review

Diversity, inclusion, equity and justice are fundamentally different concepts that call for different kinds of curricular audits. Our team can audit your curriculum through a variety of lenses:

  • Diversity: How diverse is your curriculum? Which background, identities or experiences are represented?
  • Equity: Do students see themselves and one another in the curriculum?
  • Inclusion: Who can engage fully with the curriculum? Who can’t?
  • Justice: What harm has this curriculum caused?
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Clarity for Learning: Five Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers

Kara Vandas and John Almarode


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